So…Why Paint?

Stock photo...but I had this truck!

Stock photo…but I had this truck!

I grew up in the home of a general contractor. Throughout my childhood, I was always trying to emulate the work my father did. His focus was masonry. I had a builders set (similar to today’s Lego’s) that consisted of plastic bricks. I built, in miniature, a lot of the buildings my father built in reality, sort of.

I had an affinity for “little” cars, and not realizing that they one day could prove to be a great¬†source of income, I played with my cars and my Tonka’s. The sand pile beside the garage became my construction site. I built roads, and then I would sneak into the garage, dip into an open bag of mortar and pave my roads. (Not everyone had paved roads in their sandbox!).

Cochran of the early projects I worked on.

Cochran House…one of the early projects I worked on.

As I grew older and stronger, I was recruited to accompany Dad to work. I wasn’t always a willing participant, but looking back on it later in life, I was thankful for the work ethic my father instilled in me. Eventually, I grew to enjoy the work as I became more of a skilled laborer. After marrying my wife, I even decided to pursue a career and working with my dad was the route I would choose. For several years, I worked full time, and later part time, with him. Even after changing career paths, due to the sudden downturn in the construction business in the mid 80’s, I continued to work odd jobs and stay connected to my construction roots.

When the full time missionary phase of our lives wrapped up a few years ago and we returned to the States, I needed to find a new path that would allow me to buy groceries and such, yet still maintain a flexibility to continue our ministry focus. Painting was something I had done on the side, but now it seemed that it was the perfect answer for this phase of life. My brother in law had recently started his own painting company and we quickly became a well-oiled work crew machine. When God provided us with our MIRACLE grandchild, we easily made the decision to relocate to be a part of her life ( well and her parents also). This opened the door for me to step into the role of Small Business Owner and Final Coat Professional Painting was born!

I had several construction options that I could have pursued but easily settled on becoming a painting contractor. It was a skill that I had been able to hone over the past several years and it was somewhat easy to at least get started.  I truly enjoy working with clients to see their project goals satisfied, whether a simple refresh or a major update!

Moving into a new city and starting a service-focused business is a challenge. Many new businesses are able to rely on family, friends and existing contacts to get started. We don’t necessarily have an abundant wealth of those but I am truly thankful that doors have opened and new contacts are begin made with each new project. We look forward to including you on that list soon if you are not already there!why-paint-collage



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