Powering Away The Past!

Algae Covered North Side

Algae Covered North Side

In one of our recent projects, our client secured us to power wash their home. While the front is all brick, the two sides and back are vinyl siding. The north side of the house was covered in very unsightly algae. The remainder of the siding was covered in simply the natural accumulation of dirt.

Deck Before Cleaning

Deck Before Cleaning

In addition to the house, a significant portion of the back yard consisted of a patio area and deck. The deck was also showing significant signs of wear and disrepair. In fact, the homeowner was recently approached by a contractor stating the deck simply needed to be torn down. I convinced them to let me try to clean it up and then we could get a much better view of what needed to happen.

North Side Cleaned

North Side Cleaned

We arrived on the scene and did a quick walk-around to determine the best plan of action, set up our equipment and started in obliterating that gross green growth! We very quickly witnessed a wonderful transformation to white! BTW…did I mention that pressure washing on a hot, sticky 90+ degree day is almost enjoyable? We moved around to the back where the dirt accumulation was much less intense, but still it received a much needed cleaning.

Deck Cleaned and Ready For Stain

Deck Cleaned and Ready For Stain

From there, our focus turned to the patio and deck area. The grime and wear were quickly stripped away as the wood was transformed to a nearly new look. After it was all cleaned, we performed a thorough inspection of the deck in order to determine a course of action. Other than a section of the deck that had suffered significant decay and deterioration, the homeowner was pleased to hear that a good stain would give them back a peaceful sanctuary for their coffee in the morning, or a place to relax in the evening. Rebuilding the decayed section would naturally be a part of the plan as well.

All in all, now the homeowner has added great curb appeal to their home with the complete exterior cleaning. Once we have completed the minor rebuild, and then apply a good stain, the back yard will again be a place to host family and friends for a cook out and entertaining. Stay tuned as we share the accounts of the deck restoration project!





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